Diagnosis Day


June 28th 2013 is day that I will never forget. It felt like the worst day of my life. The world as I knew it would never be the same.

While hospitalized for another matter,  I asked for an AIDS test. Two days later, my doctor walked into my room and demanded that I awaken from a drug induced sleep. She proceeded to tell me that my test had come back positive for the aids virus. At first, I was in shock, and kept shaking my head no.  This couldn’t be happening to me. I’m a married woman who has been with the same man for eight years. What I didn’t know is that my husband had been diagnosed some two years earlier and had full blown AIDS. It was one of those things that he neglected to tell me.

Come back to hear the rest of my story.

Feel free to share your accounts of living with HIV.

Until next time …..


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