Last time we discussed the death of my ex husbands friend and lover Ray. About a year after Ray died,  my ex husband started acting very strange. He is a veteran, and usually when he had doctors appointments, I would go with him. He didn’t want me to go anymore. And that was fine because it took up a lot of my time. 

He became real depressed and attempted suicide several times. It was during one of these hospitalizations that I found out that he had hepatitis C. At this time we have been together a little over 6 years. The doctor called on my job because he wanted to be released early to find out if I wanted him to go. He proceeded to ask me what we were doing about his hepatitis C? I informed him that I didn’t know he had hepatitis C. He suggested that I get tested right away. I did and the results were negative.

At that time, I thought that I had really dodged a bullet. Little did I know that the biggest bullet of all was yet to be fired.

He came across a new friend that he started hanging out with regularly. We shall call this guy Wayne. Wayne was our neighbor but had just gotten released from prison. I will not say that he is the reason my ex husband and I aren’t together, but he had a great influence on our separation.

He encouraged my ex husband to do drugs, which led him down a totally different dark, path. He started staying out all night, not paying bills, selling things in our house that we at work hard to acquire, but worst of all he treated me like crap. I caught him with several different other women and eventually filed for divorce.

When you’ve been with someone for a while,  it’s not so easy to let go. I think that he had given up on our relationship long before I ever knew it was over. Yet I stayed, because I wanted to make my marriage work. I forgave but did not forget but it wasn’t enough.

When we went to divorce court, we were still living together. I thought that we were going to drop the divorce and try to work it out. He went to court without me and without telling me. I didn’t know I wasn’t single woman again until I received the papers in the mail.

I also didn’t know that my ex husband have full-blown AIDS and that I was HIV positive.

Thank you for reading…. See you soon.



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