Take care of your health


I told you about my last hospitalization in January. I had a follow up visit for that  hospitalization yesterday. I learned that I was much sicker than I thought. It was to the point that they wanted to put me on life support because of my breathing. Please please please don’t ignore the signs that your body gives when something is wrong. For us it could be a matter of life and death!  

I have noticed that a lot of my readers are from South Africa. Through research I have found the AIDS and HIV is very prevalent there. I say to those readers, never give up hope. I’m not sure how readily available antiretroviral medicines are in those areas, but you should always seek treatment! I thank you for your support and I will be working on starting an online support group for women with HIV and Aids.

I am still feeling a little under the weather, but I hope to have  another post by the end of the weekend. Just remember you are stronger than you think and that together we can get through this. You are not alone!!


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