Taking Care of Business


I have always stressed that our personal well-being and health should come first. That is the reason that I haven’t been blogging. There were  some things that I had to take care of in my personal life. I have found my journey to have a lot of uphill battles.

There have been quite a few deaths in my immediate circle in the last few weeks, one this morning, as we prepared to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the family of my in-laws have to make funeral arrangements for a teenager gunned down in the streets .  I lost a good friend to this disease two weeks ago. Things could have been better for her had she done what was required, which is taking your meds first and foremost, eating healthy, getting plenty of rest and not using street drugs drugs. Please make all of doctors appointments. Your doctor is the one that can best assist you with the most proactive treatment for your particular strain of the virus.

Some people seem to think that dating someone who also has the virus would be best. Afterall this person is already infected, this could work as long as there is still protected sex. What we fail to realize is that the person we choose may have a different strain of the virus, which may make our medications ineffective and may also cause our own virus to mutate. Whoever you choose to have sex with is your private business but please use protection with everyone!

It is my goal to write another entry to my story this week.

I thank you for reading.

Until next time…


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