Bio: Hello. I am starting this blog because in June of 2013, I was diagnosed with HIV. At that time, I was married to a man that I'd been with for ten years. I did not know that my husband was on the down low. He was secretly sleeping with men. I have found that throughout this process, there are very few places that women who are "innocents" have to voice their concerns, ideas, and share their experiences. I searched for other women in my community that were like me and soon discovered that people like me are the minority. I hope that this blog is able to help other women that are newly diagnosed find their way. During a time when I felt that I needed comforting the most, I was alone, uncertain, and afraid. I aim to ease some of the fear, to comfort the lonely and to just tell the world that everyone with HIV does not engage in risky behaviors and are not gay. We all didn't have transfusions or contract this disease by some medical error, but that we are law abiding citizens that happened to be victims of other people's mistakes and behaviors. Even if no one reads this, its not about the public, this is a chance for me to heal.

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